The Rolling R Ranch is dedicated to the memory of my father Clyde W. Richardson

My father (Clyde Richardson) was one of the toughest guys I’ve ever known. Dad was injured in a hunting accident when he was a young man and had spent the last 35 years in a wheel chair, viagra usa cialis but he never let his disability keep him from enjoying the outdoors. Often we would go to Texas or Oklahoma hunting hogs and he would hunt from his four wheeler. Dad would do his best to help me guide on our lease in Okahoma, one time he decided to go a day early by himself, when the hunters arrived the next day he had killed a nice boar, dragged himself into the brush and then pulled it and field dressed it. He even had it hanging from a tree, pretty impressive for a guy in a wheelchair. So It was our dream to someday have a hog hunting operation of our own!

The Rolling R is the realization of that dream. In 2004 Dad went home to be with the Lord, but his dream lives on. We work hard to provide you with a quality hunt where you have the opportunity to take a hog. All our hunts are fair chase and the hogs are truly wild so not every hunter takes home a hog but our success rates are high and most of our hunters return again and again.

We can accommodate handicapped hunters and will work extra hard to meet their needs for a successful hunt.

Dave Richardson – Ranch Owner / Operator